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"Be the change you want to see in the world "

- Mahatma Ghandi



Stop Killing People (SKP) is a youth-led, anti-violence movement born out of a faith-based community campaign against gun violence in New Orleans.  Black youth are generally perceived as “the problem” – a victim to rescue or a perpetrator to rehabilitate.  Youth with menacing behavior often get the most media coverage, while youth with positive behavior are often overlooked.  The SKP movement seeks to raise public awareness that youth are “the solution.”

 SKP is...

An Imperative.      A Reminder.      A Call to Action.



The ABC’s of the SKP 

Amplify - Youth Voice

Build - Skills and Agency

Create - Safe Space 


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All sales support COA’s youth programs and community engagement initiatives.

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For information on how to get involved contact Robert Burnside, Jr. at

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