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Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a new re-entry program designed help returning citizens gain the tools they need to have a successful transition into society. Everyone deserves a "Fresh Start".

About Us

Fresh Start is a passionate 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to make a difference by impacting the lives of others. Through our Reentry program we will help returning citizens gain the tools they need to become productive, tax paying and law abiding citizens in their respective communities. Each year approximately 18,000 people are released from state prisons and jails to communities across Louisiana. Nearly 44% of the recently released return before the end of their first year out. Our goal is to constantly reduce these recidivism rates while building and strengthening communities.


Reentry Housing

The main challenges returning citizens are faced with are housing, employment, mental health (issues with adjusting to society) and limited education. Upon release they will be housed at our facility for a duration. During their stay we would address the issues and challenges they are facing and assist them accordingly. Upon Reentry they would have employment and the necessary life skills needed to thrive in society.
We are currently raising funds to build facility. Please see how you can help below.

Community Center

We believe community is important and is vital to a successful reentry. Our community center will impact residents in many ways. Some are education assistance, voting, payment assistance and so much more. We will also educate them about our returning citizens so that they can know how to properly embrace them upon release.
Our community center will soon undergo renovations to make it more suitable for all upcoming activities.


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