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Your presence is the best present you can give your child.

About Us

Fathers Matter is rewriting the narrative of "deadbeat dad." We believe that men learn and grow when given the opportunity to share experiences with other men. We will challenge you on your journey to become the man you want to be and give you resources and tools to support you along the way. We will walk with you through your toughest times and your happiest moments, plus everything in between. We care about you and you deserve the support you need to make it.

Dr. Bantu Gross

Bantu D. Gross is the husband of Tyra and the father of Amari, Nia, and Kalel. Bantu became interested in fatherhood education upon recognizing how fathers are often overlooked by society and the negative commentary used when describing fathers’ parenting abilities. As the Program Director of Fathers Matters, he assists fathers in discovering and refining their innate fatherhood skills. In his leisure time, Bantu enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing sports & exercising

Darrell Creecy

Darrell Creecy is a father of two, has a BA in Psychology from UNO, and got involved in promoting fatherhood awareness because of his own parenting journey. The role of Program Manager is a direct result of his lifelong pursuit of learning about and advancing his role as a man and as a father. "I went through a lot learning how to be a man while being an involved parent. My goal is to help others avoid the same obstacles I faced, support them on their journeys, and build a community for men."


What We Do

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Dad Discussions: Weekly facilitated sessions to allow you to share your parenting experiences and learn new things to incorporate into your life.
Men Empowerment Network: A series of events designed to strengthen your perspectives on being a man. Ask about our MENtorship Program. 
Daddy Bootcamp: We guide you through your journey of becoming a father by providing insight on prenatal experiences.
Organizational Consulting: Fathers Matter Facilitators travel to your site to deliver a variety of parenting education and mentorship workshops to your cohort of men.   


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